Being Scared of Things
Journal Writing Thoughts
I used to be scared of dying. I didn’t want to leave everyone I knew behind. So then I thought, what would be the opposite of dying … to live forever I suppose. But that was equally terrifying. Would I get bored? So I took these two things I was scared of and wondered what would happen if I blended them together in my brain. I did just that and pretended that I would both die AND live forever. So I would have life after life after life after life and so on. This was interesting to think about, because that way I would live forever, but because I would also die in-between my lives, I would not know I was living forever. I am now much more comfortable with the idea of death and of living forever. Is there anything you are scared of? Can you find a way of thinking about whatever it is you are scared of that allows you not to feel so afraid anymore?