Everlasting Charli

“Does true love actually exist?” I’m a waitress. I loved my job. We served the best fish in town with the worst service in the country. I was happy with everything exactly the way it was. In fact, I loved everything the way it was, absolutely nothing needed to change. So when ‘true love’ came along and threatened to take everything away from me, I was shocked to discover that no one really knew what ‘true love’ was. Until we found ourselves doing absolutely everything and anything for it.


The House of The Brokenhearted
Why Fish?
Bad Temper
Make Believe
Same Boat
The Greatest Show On Earth
Thrift Store Pirate Queen
True Love
Poetry Is
A Few Questions
Stories Within Stories
Pianos On Fire
Play Sample
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Everyone knew that if we hosted a wedding at Bones, it would be a disaster. Alp was showing early signs of being way too co-operative. He instructed us all to dress in our most sparkling outfits, and he even let the bride and groom hoist in their own baby grand piano.


Alp always goes overboard trying to accommodate the rich and important customers, and then of course the rich and important customers think they can start making outrageous demands. Then, of course, they start complaining when those demands are not met. And then, Alp gets ticked off. Once Alp gets ticked off ... at first in a slow, mild anger beginning to build and then, somewhat independently, expanding into a thoroughgoing state of rage… he really outdoes himself, like he did tonight. I remember Alp looking a bit pale this morning when he came in the back gate, but I thought it was just his normal birthday sickness. He despises his birthday because he has to share it with Valentine’s Day, and he loathes Valentine’s day. “Birdbrain-Day,” he calls it.


Gia has just returned to work. Alp sacked her six weeks ago after they had a monstrous argument about climate change. She landed a job in an ice-cream truck for a while, but soon she got too cold and so apologised to Alp, who rehired her again - on the strict condition that she acknowledged he was right. He has fired and re-hired all of us so many times now that we have lost count.