Forever Raphaella

“I want to get to the end of time, even if I have to blow the whole word to smithereens to do so.” And so my ruthless pursuit to get to the end of time has undoubtedly failed me. And now I’m stuck trying to live in the moment. And worst of all, is the type of moment I have ended up in because of my damn silly ruthless pursuiterings in the first place. From dungeon to cuckoo hospital to kidnappings, this is my ancient story that I have woven for myself. And this is the pattern that will take me forever to untangle, to overcome and to dance with.


Forever Raphaella
Version Thirty Three
Ill Ville
When You're Mine
Remember To Forget
Army Of Angels
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I hate choices. I hate the feeling I get once I’ve made a choice. Because no matter what I’ve chosen, I’m always haunted by the possibility that I’ve made the wrong choice, that what could have happened may have been so much better. But I’m going to have to make this choice. And fast.


The sirens are piercing my thoughts. I am squashed between a crumbling brick wall and a rat-infested bin, and I can barely move my arms enough to turn these pages. I can hear their footsteps, thousands of them marching through the streets like an army possessed by their nightmares. Hunting me.


“I’ll see you at the end of time,” was the last thing she said to me, and that’s exactly what got me into this mess. I can’t remember the exact moment I chose to start making the potion. I just remember rewriting the recipe countless times before the potion was anywhere near the strength I needed it to be. And even now, I know that the potion is still just not quite strong enough. It’s there, lurking in the dungeon of the clock tower, waiting patiently for me and the last ingredient. So I can blow this whole cursed world to smithereens …