The Book With No Story

This is an activity book for kids to create their own stories from. It is a bouquet of creatures who got so bored of my stories that they ran away from them. Now they sit in this book with no story, with nothing to do. They need you to write them into stories of your own.


Kasperwish—Kasperwish spends most of his time trying to figure out why on earth he loves everyone as much as he does. He is in awe of everyone he has ever met, regardless of arguments, fundamental disagreements, past actions and mistakes. But why? Was it because he traced everyone’s every action through the years to a single intention of love? Was all the chaos that enveloped the world merely just billions of acts of love colliding? And therefore hate was only found in the brief explosion of the collision? He decided to take a job fixing vending machines while he continued to think.
Emile—Upon discovering that there was not just one truth, Emile stormed home in a fit of rage and threw all his furniture off the balcony. Off went the art deco vase, followed by the neon pink woven baskets, the celery container and then the haunted armchair. It went on and on until everything was gone. Sitting in the empty bedroom on the polished concrete floor, his friends swarmed around his head crying and screaming, blaming themselves for Emile’s anger and his newly acquired nothingness. Eventually they all sat down at various places against the skirting boards and started singing a song none of them had ever heard before, called Inside-Out-Choices. By the time the song was over, Emile wanted his armchair back.