The Three Little Pigs, by Amaia from Singapore, 9
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The three little pigs:


    Okay, okay I know what you’re thinking. you’re thinking  you know the story of the three little pigs. well, you don’t. You only know half of it. Here’s the other half…     

It was 8:00 and I had just finished my dinner (I was flipping through my entirely vegetarian cookbook, see? I would never hurt a soul!)

      When I heard the ice cream van. Ring! Ring! ring!  I practically flew out the door., I was first. There was so many flavours! I looked at the menu for a while:

  1. Frog and chestnut
  2. Snail and broccoli
  3. Rabbit tail
  4. Broccoli and basil
  5. Grandma’s panties
  6. Leaky drain
  7. Children’s brain
  8. Rabbit (whole)
  9. Eyes’ of animals                             

Special of the day

   10. Bill the postman                      

I could’ve stood there all day choosing but some ungrateful dude at the back of the line wearing only a pair of pink spotty underpants shouted,

“Move it slow poke!!!!!”

Oh how rude! I was offended! But I hurried up anyway . I chose broccoli and basil, I am proud of  being vegetarian. This was my moment!

“Aaaaa” I said my mouth watering ready to bite the delicious morsel.  


I bit my finger! A nasty little pig stole my ice cream and he was running off with it! I chased after it until…

      I came to three little houses that weren’t even the size of me! But that's not what I was supposed to be thinking about, I was really supposed to be thinking about which house my ice cream was in! I couldn’t just go through the door because the door was too small. Otherwise I would of just knocked politely of course!    

So I did what any wolf would do. I shouted,

“Little pig, Little pig, let me in”!

But that rude little pig just shouted back,

“Not by the hair of my chinny, chin chin”!

So, I shouted again.

“Or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!”

Ok, maybe I was a little over the top, But still! It’s not my fault the wind chose to blow at that time. Before I could say anything else, the wind had blown that pathetic little pig’s house right down! Standing in the middle of a pile of straw I saw the little pig holding my ice cream. He started running, fast!

I chased after him (obviously) but he was too fast and he ran into a house of sticks before I could shout out, ‘please can I have my ice cream back’.

So, I was left with no choice but to do it again.   I shouted,

“Little pig, Little pig, let me in”!

The same thing happened again. But this time there were two little pigs shouting back at me.

“Not by the hair of our chinny, chin chins”!                

So, I shouted,

“Well, I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down”!

And then again, the same thing happened. The wind chose to blow at that exact moment!     

Once more, this time in a pile of sticks, I saw two little pigs licking my ice cream and they looked at me and they ran off into another tincy wincey house.

You know what happened next don’t you.


I shouted,

“Little pigs, little pigs, let me in”!!!!

This time there were three little pigs shouting back at me.

“Not by the hair of our chinny, chin chins”!

So, I said,

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down”!!!!!!!

This time, I was actually relieved that the wind blew. I was finally going to get my ice cream back.

But, there was a problem. The house did not fall down. I was left standing there, watching that house, listening to the high pitched squeaking sound of three little pigs sniggering.

I had a brilliant idea. I noticed the chimney on the roof of the three little pigs brick house (this one was built slightly better than the other two). Those silly little pigs would have probably put my ice cream in a pot to cook on the fire. I knew all I would have to do was lean down the chimney carefully grab my ice cream and hey presto, I would have it. So, I did just that. But, as I was leaning down to grab my ice cream, I fell and landed in the pot.

The only reason I am still here today is because wolves are very kind creatures (I hope that by reading my story this is clear). Lucky for me, one of my dear wolf friends was watching the whole thing and had jumped onto the roof to help me. He threw me down a rope (apparently he just carries long ropes around) and hauled me up to safety. Sadly, I did not have my ice cream. But at least, I am still here alive and well. So, you see, this is my side of the story. Pigs are very good liars. Apparently everyone thinks pigs are cute little things and Wolves are terrifying, pig and people eating creatures, but we aren’t!

The End