The Witch, The Wand and The Spell, by Lila Kulski, 10
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‘’Allegra you’re doing it wrong its Heatherton see the book Said’s “argued Lisa


“oh miss Lisa always doing what the book said” Replied Allegra


‘’girls enough, remember the values at Saint Halidon Witch School, always cooperate with your fellow witches” Butted in Mrs Ellice it’s always hard to stare at her because she’s got a big fat wimple on her nose, everyone thinks she got it by drinking too much Snotgoth.Anyway who drinks that disgusting stuff?


Allegra and Lisa are in magic class they aren’t best friends but they are Witch Buddies which means they are both in the same class for everything and they also are buddies in everything. Suddenly the Pixie Clock rings everyone starts running to the main hall that’s where everyone eats. As usual the two girls go their own way Allegra sits with the Cluggsies and Lisa sits with the Unicorns the Unicorns are Unicorns because they are always perfect and the Cluggsies are the clumsiest in the whole school. Everyone is talking about Pair Trials, the Pair Trials are always the most exciting thing at the the start of the year. It’s where twenty lucky witch buddies are chosen to go to the Trials, they have to go through three trials and if they pass all three the winners go to a higher advanced witchery school. This is really good thing because the principal of the school is known as the wisest witch in the whole world. Her name is Stella Rancid, she was a Muggle at first, but now she has almost completed every single spell known isn’t that awesome!!!


Meanwhile Allegra thinks they won’t make it in to the trials because they can’t cooperate well enough and Lisa agrees. But little do they know that a little surprise might crawl in to their lives. Pixie Bell starts ringing Allegra and Lisa are running to brome practice, they are both old enough to fly brooms this is exciting because they will get to compete in the International Broome Swabbing Competition but it’s not until next Winter so it’s nothing to worry about. Once again they are late Allegra already knew what Mr Bronco would make them do so she got down on the floor and started doing push ups. Meanwhile, for Lisa she just kept walking, ‘Lisa late again, get on the ground and give me fifty’’ shouted Mr Bronco while Lisa was doing her pushes Allegra had finished hers so she decided to showing off in front of everyone. She grabbed a broom stick launched up in the air and started doing amazing tricks others can’t do. But Mr Bronco got annoyed and said ‘’Allegra get back to the drills”’. Allegra came down and stared at Lisa, then Lisa she smirked at her. But Allegra pocked her lounge out back.


Practice was over the day was calm, suddenly it was time, time to announce the lucky pairs that would be going to the Trials. Allegra had disappointment in her eyes as she was walking to the main hall she knew Lisa and her weren’t good enough for the trials. Everyone settled down the principal Mrs Mouflon was at the front with the envelopes in her hands. She came closer to the microphone she said ‘’Good Afternoon fellow students now it is time to announce the pairs selected to go to the Pair Trials “everyone started whispering “May the following students come up to the front’’ everyone boiled with excitement. “May Vivienne and Claire Boil, Sarah Hodgeon and Kiki Loans’’ then nineteen more names where called out THEN “Last but not least Lisa Malcon and Allegra Vivins’’


Allegra and Lisa both slowly stood up, they could feel everyone staring through them. Mrs Mouflon gave them both an envelope with their names on it. They stared at each other, excitement filling in their eyes their brains exploding with questions. The two girls knew that there was a big adventure ahead of them.