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Blind Self

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Blind was forced to complete question 23 with a biro-drawn unseen version of himself. He drew a man who couldn’t draw. But when he took the blindfold off, the picture was perfect, making it wrong and right at the same time. Colour-synced with the rest of his 22 answers, this same thread of all-ness tangled itself through all his answers, and proved he was a truth-teller. Blind decided that he wanted to travel the world for the rest of his life, doing nothing but asking people questions about their story.

One of the Best Days

One of The Best Days ~ I wasn’t having a great day. I was struggling to find the clarity in a piece I am writing…

Philosophical Thoughts Of Kids

I have set up RED WOOL EDITIONS as a publishing company dedicated to unravelling the philosophical thoughts of kids, by taking them through enchanting stories, twinkling soundtracks and accompanying educational packages for parents and teachers.

Make-up your own creature

Can you draw a picture of a creature you can see in your mind, and perhaps there are some questions you might like to ask them …


Masqued is very bad at perceiving what he’s like as a person from another person’s perspective. So he can’t tell you much about himself at all. He spends 50% of his time staring the grim-knuckled truth dead in the eye and the other 50% of his time pretending it doesn’t exist. And when he pretends it doesn’t exist, like magic, it doesn’t. People who engage in conversation with him automatically talk backwards and think sideways.

Habadasha & Jinx

Habadasha & Jinx are interviewers. They just interviewed 3 billionaires who were pouring a vast amount of cash into scientific research promising to extend their lifespan and eliminate their death. Surely there was another way of living forever. Habadash and Jinx tried to convince the billionaires that they could use their power and generosity to go deeper into living, instead of just elongating life. But the billionaires didn’t understand that something so radical could eradicate the very fear they were trying to defeat in the first place.