The Flawed Creature
Journal Writing Thoughts
I’m a big fan of creatures who make big mistakes. Someone once wrote that the reasons we have monsters in our stories, is so that we can see the masters inside of ourselves with greater compassion. Imagine if all the stories were full of creatures who were all good all the time, who never made mistakes, who never got into trouble, who never did anything the regretted? Not only would the stories be boring, but I would feel like a very bad person in comparison to these ‘perfect super heroic’ creatures. I know that I make mistakes. Impossible amounts of mistakes. And though them I have come to learn not only about life, but how to love others when they make mistakes too. My grandmother said, “Be anything but don’t be dull.” What are some mistakes you have made? What have you learnt from them? Can you write down in your journal some mistakes someone else has made that you have been able to forgive them for?