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I keep secrets, even from myself

The truth about what happened to me isn’t even found in my own journal.


The reason I love my journals so much is because I can write the truth to myself. I don’t think its particularly relevant where and when you tell the truth except when its to yourself. If you can keep your inner compass alive by writing your truths alone, then you will always be ok. What are some truths you know but don’t feel comfortable telling others?

What to do with your life?

My friends and I grew up in the 1990’s and we didn’t give much thought to why we were doing what we were doing a lot of the time. There were certain things that young adults and eventual adults were supposed to eventually get around to doing: travel, university degrees, buying homes, having families, being successful, being healthy, being wild and free, collecting great art, helping humanity solve its greatest problems, wearing fabulous clothes, being kind to everyone, falling in love and so on and so on.


I reckon that the only thing to do in life is to have fun. Everything else seems rather pointless to me. Can you keep a page in your diary full of all the fun things you do that make you laugh and smile, so you never forget them?

Being Scared of Things

I used to be scared of dying. I didn’t want to leave everyone I knew behind. So then I thought, what would be the opposite of dying … to live forever I suppose. But that was equally terrifying. Would I get bored? So I took these two things I was scared of and wondered what would happen if I blended them together in my brain.

Social Media Stories

I know I go on and on about everyone telling their story and everyone listening to each others stories like it will save the world (because it will), but it’s interesting to look at what parts of our story we tell others and why.

Why Kids?

I reckon that kids are the most important people in the world. As I’m sure you may be aware, at the moment, the world has a lot of problems. Many people are suffering needlessly. The only people who can truly make a difference are kids.

Nonsense and the importance of Imaginations

I reckon the most important muscle in the world in the imagination, and it must be exercised constantly in order to stay in tip top shape. Nothing good can be done without first imagining it.

Why we should all tell stories and listen to stories

Well, because they are the only way we will ever understand each other. And if we understand each other, don’t you think we could creep into a kinder world?


All of my life’s disappointments should be put down to irresponsible storytelling, primarily unrealistic endings. First of all nothing ends. And when it finally does, I won’t be around to know.

Inside-Out Stories

As well as telling the story that happens on the outside – for example: “I walked down the street and bumped into Gigi, she asked how I was and I told her I was good.” We can also tell the story of what is happening on the inside: – for example: “I walked down the street and bumped into Gigi, she asked how I was and I told her I was good.

The Flawed Creature

I’m a big fan of creatures who make big mistakes. Someone once wrote that the reasons we have monsters in our stories, is so that we can see the masters inside of ourselves with greater compassion.

What do you learn in school?

As wonderful as all the subjects in school are, I found that I learnt a lot more about life in the playground. Can you keep a list in your journal of everything you learnt at school that wasn’t taught in the classroom?