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I'm building an imaginary theme park called Everything-World as a philosophical resource for kids - at home or in the classroom.

Each ride has a theme: The Mirror Maze of Oneself, The Ghost-Train of Change, The Lake of Meaning, The Rollercoaster of Social Order, The Slippery Slide of Disappointment, and more.

The rides are operated by creatures from my nine STORYBOOKS.

The rides take the form of Blankish-Journals full of questions about the universe, to be co-authored by the children, so they can keep a memory of how they once thought, forevermore.

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Guilt Over Screen-time

I was feeling guilty about the amount of screen time the kids were having and so I made an imaginary theme park called EVERYTHING-WORLD to elasticise my kids’ minds, whether it be for 45 minutes after Sunday lunch or 5 minutes during the winter holidays when everyone is happily stuck on their screens. After asking…

Talking About Global Problems With Children

So again, let’s all remember this is just me, in my garden, thinking. I’m no specialist on Marxism, I don’t read Neiche, I don’t even know how a radio works, so just relax, realise I might be totally talking to faeries and carry on the conversation with the person closest to you later on. THE…

The Story of my Imaginary Themepark

But there was something about those hours upon hours upon hours of pure wondering that had vanished from my life… “How are you going to make the world a better place?” My father would ask me, again and again.  “I’m just going to go around and make people’s days better?” I would answer. “That’s not…