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The Story of my Imaginary Themepark

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But there was something about those hours upon hours upon hours of pure wondering that had vanished from my life…

“How are you going to make the world a better place?” My father would ask me, again and again.  “I’m just going to go around and make people’s days better?” I would answer.

“That’s not a job,” my brother would sneer.

So I thought. And I continued to think. Think and think and think. And it’s surprised me how much a person could think. And where those thoughts could go… and how thoughts could change my vision, that I could fall in and out of love with life whenever I wanted to. Sometimes.

And so, how simple was that? I would dedicate my life helping the children discover the endlessness of their own mind. Negotiate with monsters. Forget-me-not the nothingness. Easy peasy.

I was living out of a suitcase across a few cities with a bouquet of journal entries, tied by the twine of half-sung songs, dripping in and out of ripped up paintings, when I a glimpse of what I was doing.

And I would continue to wonder.

My first song became nine. The songs needed a story, so that the messages would make equal sense as nonsense within a context. The story became five. Then the stories needed a home. The stories grew extra eyes and ears and became this tentacled thing. By the time I was half way through explaining the everythingness of it all to child, she asked me ~

“Why don’t you have your own school?”

“Because you don’t like school … do you?”

“I like rollercoasters.”

“Yes, that makes perfect sense.”

I was rejected by every publisher. I was sacked from almost every job. I broke my own heart several times.

I ran away from my homes, writing on rooftops, recording songs in hostel cupboards and war vet hotels with shared bathrooms at the end of dimly lit yellow hallways. I can hear the shuffling of old feet scuffing the carpet in the distance of my songs.

And I kept wondering.

By the time my life fell apart completely I had collaborated with over 70 friends to almost finish my stories and I was pregnant.

I kept wondering and wondering and wondering.

I met two intriguing new friends, Francis Lim and Yongho Moon, and then two more brainiacs, Jeremy Noble and Josey DeRossi. And as a family, we started to pull all the pieces together, and watched, as from the charred landscape emerged nine illustrated books with twinkling soundtracks ~ The Past Life Library & The Young Philosophers Series. They were so beautiful. But they looked so lonely on Amazon. No caterpillars.

I had a child, I lost my grip, I was demolished, I found strange faith, I became who I once was and fell in love with everyone all over again. We taught the books in schools. We wondered with the students. Two more children graced my life. And so I began to the wonder with them…

I had finally found a home, but what was it about rollercoasters? Rollercoasters, rollercoasters, rollercoasters… My attention being gobbled up every moment, TV, iPhone, kids, Ted talk, love, podcast… so meditate – I was told. And I did. But the rollercoaster down the street from me, that’s where I’d go to think. 

And although I would wonder sometimes with my kids haphazardly as ideas and topics came and went like butterflies, there was something about those hours upon hours upon hours of wild never-ending wondering that had vanished from my life.

My wondering had needed a home as much as I had.

And so I built one.

For me, for my kids, for you.



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