Theme Park - Clare-Rose : Story-teller for Kids

Once upon a time, my creatures got so bored with my stories that one night they all fled their pages and ran away into the darkness. They were stranded in the middle of nothingness. So they decided to build a house. Not a boring house, but a fun house. From there, instead of a bathroom, they built slippery slides and swimming pools. Then, instead of a garden, they built a labyrinth of mazes of vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. From there, a place of worship was formed to suit all creatures, called the Hologram of Belief. Then a Theatre of Thinking to discuss ideas on how to move forward; a Liminal Space Museum as a keepsake of dreams; a Lake of Meaning to wonder about the meaning of life; a Ghost-Train of Change to remember the stories of our ancestors; and The Bumper Cars of Everyone Else to learn about each other and celebrate how they all thought differently. A gigantic Mirror Maze for each creature to truly know itself and much, much more.

However, no matter how hard they tried, they still didn't know the answers of the universe. THEY HAD NO IDEA HOW TO LIVE LIFE AND WHY! They needed someone just like you... So they opened their doors, as a theme park of the mind, or the young and the old. A wonderous world of creatures, determined to learn ALL ABOUT LIFE AND HOW TO LIVE IT. They have hundreds of questions about life, and all they need is for you to take their hands and answer the questions with them.


If so, enter below.


  Endings In A Never Ending World ~   The Slippery Slide Of Disappointment is I suppose a metaphor for a death itself, or all the miniatures deaths within a life. She is the most relaxed ride in the Theme Park. You climb the staircase fo your life, and suddenly, it becomes time to go…

The Story of my Imaginary Themepark

But there was something about those hours upon hours upon hours of pure wondering that had vanished from my life… “How are you going to make the world a better place?” My father would ask me, again and again.  “I’m just going to go around and make people’s days better?” I would answer. “That’s not…