HEALING MOUNTAIN C3R6 - Clare-Rose : Story-teller for Kids


Theme Park

Healing Mountain looms in the distance beyond the theme park but is well worth the trouble it takes to get there. Tents with flags flailing in the icy wind that sing the song – ‘Rise’ – carry a rainbow of healing as they swish swash between you and the you you were five minutes ago and the one five minutes before that and so on. You’re in hundreds, maybe thousands of your minds. And hearts. Bodies, souls and everything else ever. So far. You do it all. Fallen, committed, betrayed and trusting again. And again. And again. In the knowingness of nothingness, you rise. As you quietly wander through the petal soft snow, you find more and more tents, with more and more creatures you’ve never known or even heard of. You’re all awake in the bright stillness of peace. 





 The very last creature to runaway did not exactly run away from her storybook, rather was dragged kicking and screaming from the story INFINITE AISA. Yvonni needed to be promised something amazing to do in another world and every single creature hand on heart said she could have the most important job whatever it was. Mayor or something. But as the creatures built Everything-World, the very creation of it, left a mountain of magic-rubble that shortly metamorphisized into a snow covered mountain of forests. Each tent came alive with a certain healer and Yvonni became so spellbound that she  simply became the guide, ushering everyone through their own journey to who knows what from who knows where. Yvonni has less questions about how to live life, and more questions about how to cope with what’s happening now. The question cards are kept in the acupuncture tent. 








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