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Welcome to Everything-World ~ The elusive 10th Red Wool Editions adventure, where YOU and your kids are the main characters and co-authors…

Each of my current storybooks has an accompanying “ride” in my imaginary theme park called EVERYTHING-WORLD. A travelling circus that leaps from mind to mind. Each ride has the theme of their accompanying book. For example the storybook ‘Why In The World Are We Here?’ is tied magically by red wool to the ride, The Lake Of Meaning, which asks many questions about the nature of existence. The storybook ‘Infinite Aisa’ is tied to the ride The Theatre Of Thinking, and asks questions about how we think what we think and why, and more. The storybook ‘The Fake Dictionary’ is tied to The Ghost Train Of Change, flourishing with bouquets of questions about change. And so on.

The rides get kids thinking deeply by asking them lots of questions about the particular theme of the ride, and encourages the kids to keep their answers in a safe place, so they can treasure how they themselves once thought – forever.

The last segment of the theme park goes a little bit deeper into the life of the child, and is unique place for them to store their memories & make sense of their own stories as they start create their wild lives.





We are currently mid-production of this imaginary interactive theme park of the mind. We are building an easy-to-install philsophical incursion/installation for school libraries. Each panel of the C-shaped 3D set has its own ride, and each ride orbits a certain theme. E.g The Rollercoaster of Social Order, the Ghost-Train of Change, The Wonder-Wheel of Coincidence, etc. The children are invited to sit in the middle of the C shape, as a safe circle to both speak and listen to others opinions or wonderings about what this life is all about, out loud, together. Guided either by the names and accompanying illustrations, descriptions  and questions of the ride and the ride-operators, the companion storybooks & music albums, or by literature titles of other authors, this theme park of the mind is a place where students are encouraged to simply think.


The rides exist currently in the following posts on this page, as half storybook/half questionnaires downloadable PDFs, and work best around a family kitchen table or a classroom. Not only do the children get to experience their own minds, but can appreciate a peek into how others may see things differently too as a shared journaling experience, that may change (as your mind grows) every time you choose to experience it.


For now, (while we are developing 18 (one per ride) interactive “blankish journals”) just grab yourself a blank journal, read the adventure and think about all the questions you wish to, then keep your answers safely in your journal.



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Welcome to Everything-World ~ The elusive 10th Red Wool Editions adventure, where YOU and your kids are the main characters and co-authors… Each of my…


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