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What makes the Bumper Cars so fascinating is that they all think differently. And yet, they all think they don’t change their mind. But they do. And they all think all the time. And lots of them think they’re right about everything, believing every single thought they ever have. And then they try to interact with each other while they’re thinking as if they all thought the same. Not that they all thought the same thing at the same time, just the that they all thought the same. Just a bit differently. They are interested in how you think what you think and why you think it, and are always thinking of questions about the thought that always lies beyond your next thought. Kasperwish tends to lurk the shadows smoking cigars, shuffling his little deck of question cards of Others. He appears to not care about your answers, but he does care. A lot. 

BUMPER CARS GUIDE: KASPERWISH : Kasperwish operates the Bumper Cars but spends most of his time still wondering why he loves every single creature he has ever met. Regardless of arguments, fundamental opposing values and different tastes, he could trace every single beings action through time to an initial intention of love. He knows all the other creatures from THE BOOK WITH NO STORY so well, that each time each of their assigned 51 bumper cars gets bumped, he glows in knowing exactly how each and every one of them is going to respond. 






  • What do you love most about everyone else? Or somebody else in particular?
    • Would you want to be someone else ever?
    • Do you think others perceive you differently from how you perceive yourself?

    – What would you need to know of someone to believe you truly know them? 

    • If no one talked, could you tell what they are feeling or thinking, even a little bit?

    Do you ever think that it’s ok to be yourself and say what you believe even if it makes someone uncomfortable? 

    • What is gossip compared to storytelling? 
    • Why do people like gossip?
    • Do you ever feel happy because someone else is going through a hard time? Do you know what that is called?
    • Do behaviours we enact have names? Do people study how we act?
    • How do other creatures influence our lives?
    • Does what they think of us matter? Why/Why not?
    • Can someone else change your mind? How?
    • How do creatures hide their feelings and thoughts?
    • How do we respond when someone treats us unfairly or hurts our feelings?
    • What does it mean to respect the rights and dignity of others, and why is it important?
    • Is it possible to be kind to everyone, even if they’ve been unkind to us?

    What does ‘strange’ mean for you?

    Do you notice when and how others take advantage of you?

    How will you keep your favourite others in your life?

    And then the ride lights, the entire circular lilac arena, dims and Kasperwish helps you out and back into the web of pathways. You see in the distance the slow-spinning rainbow of lights softly glow in the warmth of two extraordinary large loving eyes. This dazzling Wonder-Wheel blinks at you, her eyelashes creating a slight breeze, it is her way of saying, “Come closer…..”


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