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The Mirror Maze is a bright, kind and patient soul.She has no storybook to accompany her because her sole job is to welcome you into the sphere of your mind.

She understands it may be difficult to define yourself, and tricky to answer some of her questions. She loves to watch how we all change as we go through the theme park of our mind, Everything World, and how we change as the years go by and we re-visit our old thoughts with new perspectives.


As you walk beneath the EVERYTHING WORLD sign, two gigantic eyeballs on flower stalks blink at you from what appears to be a glistening mirrored mountain of various sized pyramids.

The Mirror Maze says:

I am the Mirror Maze of Oneself. Come in…

Suddenly you are walking through an enchanting mirrored labyrinth. You see various hallways and rooms. You walk into one of them and you are asked questions. Then, you notice that depending on your answers, you’re lead through different mirrored doors and down mirrored pathways to new spaces, with more questions … as the image you see of yourself slips and slides, depending on your answers… 

Sometimes, you get split up from your friends and family, but then you bump back into them later in the journey. Sometimes you choose to go with them on their journey. You just know that you can come back, year after year, and see how your answers – and indeed yourself – have changed over time. 

Some people get through the maze quickly Others stay there for years. Some people even spend their whole lifetime in the divine eternal reflection. 

I’m standing with you at the first mirrored door. 

The Mirror Maze says:

Find some images of yourself. Find images of  things to make a collage … various objects fall from the sky but you can’t seem to grasp them, and so you might have to go and try to find them around your house. 

They may be printed photographs, a feather you found in the park, lace from your grandmother’s sewing box, drawings from out of your own imagination… 

You may have megaphones for eyes, you may have sand as fingers, you may have legs made from rainbows, you may have your father’s elbows…How do YOU see yourself in the first mirror? 

Draw some lines sprouting out from your image like a firework, write down some words that best describe who you think you are… and remember you can always change your mind.  


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The Mirror Maze is a bright, kind and patient soul.She has no storybook to accompany her because her sole job is to welcome you into…