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Adults Worrying

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These conversations with worried adults helped me make EVERYTHING-WORLD, our own imaginary theme park full of questions, rides, stories, songs and creatures…  Each ride asks your child a series of questions about its particular theme. For instance the Ghost Train of Change will ask your whole family questions like…


In life, in general, what changes?

And what remains the same?

Some people believe that history is always written by the victor, what dopes that mean, and do you believe it? Can you find example where that is not the case. And where it is the case, what are the consequences of history on being written from the perspective of a singular person or group of people who agree on what they believe is the truth?

Is there a singular truth?

What is a lie?

Do you have “your own truth”?

And if you do, how could “having your own truth” also enable you to tell an outright lie, and call it “your truth?”

Is change possible or it the possibility of change an illusion to keep up devoted and distracted to an idea that we could change the world, and therefore not actually see the real movements and and fortresses of power the puppeteers of this world have spent so long building?

Or does a sentence like that sound like nonsense?

What are some things someone you love would never want to change?

What are some things you love, that will inevitably change, but you wish you had the power to keep them as they are?

How do you learn to let go, how do you personally find any warmth in the concept of change?

What in this world would you ditch?

What would you keep, and treasure?

And what of tradition? 

Do you know what tradition means? 

What traditions to your are outright ridiculous and which ones are funny and may as well be kept around, and which ones are horrifying, hurtful and should be abolished – but kept in museums for all to the, the garish ghoulishness of who we once were…?

Are there any true stories in history that you have heard of that are scarier in fact than a ghost story? 

If so, which ones resonate with you the most, and are there any that someone you love has recommended you read, or even told you about already?

Do you believe in ghosts? 

And why do they ride trains?




And the GHOST TRAIN will give you its own book, THE FAKE DICTIONARY, if you will…





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