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Circles, circles, circles. Movement. Life, time, age, the galaxy…. ~ it’s all there. We can’t stop it. Nature moves. The world may indeed blow up one day. And yet I find a craving for stillness. Of course in meditation it is present. But a bookshelf, a home, a child, a marriage? Why? When eventually they will all disappear. Every single song and piece of this book is about my fears, my adoration and my reluctance to movement. Turntables, nomads, four walls – the lack of movement, fails changing, expectations changing, loss. Falling feathers. Birds. Costumes. Change. Stories. As I have said before, looking at the tiny atoms and seeing their direct pattern in the huge Saturn, has made my praise of circles just part of my everyday gratitude. The only strange thing that happened during the making of this album was that I gave everyone their usual characters, beats and situations, and everyone  in one way or another, wrote about movement or the lack thereof. 

Movement in Asia – like the ‘themes’ in each book – they’re found everywhere, like hidden gemstones. I play hide and seek with my kids to find as many ways all the elements of the story connect to for example in this book -movement – (whether it be lyrics, photography, paintings, storyline, meaning, symbols…) The first gemstone my friend’s daughter found was the title of the first song, “Tightropes” – she said “Because you have to walk really slowly to not fall. So you have to move in one way to prevent yourself moving in another very different way.” I hadn’t thought about that before. 

What does the constant movement of Everything do to you? Or do you only feel Stillness?

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