Infinite Aisa

“No one really liked my revenge business at first …” I used to want to be an actress, but now I can see that acting is just like emptying the garbage. Why would I want to tell other people’s stories, when I could help make other people’s stories better in real life? And that’s exactly why my revenge business was born. People think it’s a bad thing, but they haven’t heard me out. It wasn’t until I wanted revenge on my best friend that I started to doubt myself, but by that time the mess I had created had slipped completely out of my control …


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Show business. What a joke it had all been anyway. How could I have been so naive as to get swept up in it? You know what? It’s the most self-indulgent, selfish, self-orientated, self-congratulatory, horrible, self-selfie-self business there is.


First of all, I don’t believe in artists. Everyone in the world makes something, and so to herd together a selected few, labelling them as the only ones amongst us with imagination, is ridiculous. And the actors, my golly, they are the worst of all the so-called artists. They spend their whole life pretending to be someone else. And then they’re applauded for it!


I mean, I can understand why Waspy is so deluded - her mother is a carnival of self-importance. Waspy used to be my best friend: until she did what she did. But in hindsight, I might have thanked her - at least now I’m doing something that actually makes the world better. Something real, not make-believe.


Mum had been telling me since I was a tiny child that life should be about trying to make other people’s lives better. She was very staunch on the matter, which is another reason she and Dad aren’t together anymore. Dad didn’t care. Dad just wanted to make his life better. They would argue for hours about this one subject matter, over and over again. I would lie on the roof of our bus, trying to get to sleep over the raised voices and clanging of pots and pans.