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Questions From The Bumper Cars

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As you venture into Everything-World, you fall down the corridor of coriander and you eyes turn into penguins, I help you hop over a bunny called Hop and then into the safe arms of ride operator “Dr SOUP.”

He bundles you into your bumper car and gives you a copy of the accompanying book, THE BOOK WITH NO STORY as the bumper cars all chirp in to ask you questions ~

Write your answers in the pages of the THE BOOK WITH NO STORY



Do people always know when they are lying?

Is there someone in your life you feel completely at peace with? You you can say absolutely anything to?

Is there someone in your life you have to really think about what you are saying before you say it?

When you first meet someone, without them even needing to say anything, can you SENSE something about who they are or might be?

Why do you think we all think differently?

Upon meeting someone, have you ever got the feeling that one day you are going to get in trouble with them?

Have you ever heard anyone saying something mean about someone else behind their back?

How does this make you feel?

Is it ever ok?

What do you think of the idea that – even if a person can’t HEAR bad words being said about them, that ether soul still feels the silent shadow cast upon it?

Do you ever get jealous of others?
How do you respond to your own jealousy?
If someone hurts you, do you tell them?
Do you get nervous around some people and not others?

Can you love someone for who they are, but not love the way they live their life?


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