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The Rollercoaster of Social Order is the most moody and confused ride at Everything-World. She sweeps around rickety-racketing, taking riders through the upper and lower houses, where the families all live, the dripping washing hangs from the lines that criss-cross between the millions of twisty, tiny, noodle-shoe-lace roads in an organised tangle. The rollercoaster herself  constantly feels overwhelmed. She is a mediator between creatures, she tries to pull together various ways of working and organising everyone and everything, buts she’s constantly changing because everything always makes sense and also doesn’t make sense, and she has no idea what the purpose of all this is, and no one gave her an agenda. She blames Raphaella for her own confusion and Raphaella lovingly humours her.







When she first heard of the Great Runaway plan, Raphaella didn’t even believe in past lifetimes. She was a scientist. She didn’t believe she was even in a book called FOREVER RAPHAELLA, living the same story over and over and over again. She had to be shown proof, which was hard. Even in early talks, she was exceptionally skeptical that anything she could do would offer a better existence but she also trusted something in Aisa’s voice and eyes all the same. Eventually when she and Aisa both signed a document she saw their handwriting was an exact match. She was the only creature who foresaw the conundrum of building a whole new life, she knew they would not know how to live it or exactly why to live it. Nonetheless she loves hanging out on the rollercoaster and playing with all the children when they get home. Her question cards are kept under the ignition controls. 



  1. What is the purpose of social order in a community or society?
  2. Are humans naturally inclined to create social order, or is it a learned behavior?
  3. How do we balance individual freedom with the need for social order?
  4. What are the consequences of a lack of social order in a community?
  5. Is there a universal moral code that should guide social order, or are values relative?
  6. What is the role of government in maintaining social order, and what should its limits be?
  7. Can social order be achieved through cooperation or does it require authority?
  8. Are laws necessary for social order, or can societies exist without formal rules?
  9. How do economic systems, like capitalism or socialism, impact social order?
  10. Can social order exist without addressing issues of justice and equality?
  11. How does technology, like the internet and social media, affect social order?
  12. Is social order primarily a result of nature (biological factors) or nurture (environmental factors)?
  13. Can societies change and adapt without disrupting social order, or is change inherently disruptive?
  14. What role do cultural norms and traditions play in maintaining social order?
  15. Can social order ever be truly just and fair for all members of a society?
  16. Is it possible to have too much social order, leading to oppression and loss of individual rights?
  17. How do different philosophies, like utilitarianism, liberalism, or conservatism, impact ideas about social order?
  18. How does social order impact the distribution of resources and opportunities within a society?
  19. Can individuals have a moral obligation to disrupt social order when they believe it is unjust?
  20. What are the implications of global interdependence for concepts of social order on a larger scale?


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