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This is a paragraph. Clare-Rose Trevelyan believes that if all our stories were told, and all of our stories were listened to, we would find ourselves in a more gentle existence. Her particular love is to get kids thinking about how they are thinking and wondering about why they are wondering, by weaving the questions of eternity through her collections of books. She collaborates with as many friends as she can, in as many ways as she can, so that the stories end up mirroring a hypnotic, vivid, bouquet of truths. She likes mysteries and doing absolutely nothing at all with her family and friends, for days and days and days on end.

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WE DON’T YET KNOW WHAT WE DON’T KNOW:    The front page of The New York Times in December 2017 exposed a department of the pentagon that was continuing to investigate the growing numbers of ‘ufo/uap’ sightings. I tried to talk about this with as many people as I could, as I found the news,…

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Welcome to Everything-World ~ The elusive 10th Red Wool Editions adventure, where YOU and your kids are the main characters and co-authors… Each of my current storybooks has an accompanying “ride” in my imaginary theme park called EVERYTHING-WORLD. A travelling circus that leaps from mind to mind. Each ride has the theme of their accompanying…

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The Mirror Maze The Mirror Maze in the most patient and all-loving of all the rides here at Everything-World. She has no accompanying storybook, textbook or songs because her sole job is to welcome you here, into the endless sphere of your mind. Accompanied by the Great Psychic Madga, her two huge eyeballs on stalks…

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    What makes the Bumper Cars so fascinating is that they all think differently. And yet, they all think they don’t change their mind. But they do. And they all think all the time. And lots of them think they’re right about everything, believing every single thought they ever have. And then they try…